Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pack Rat Tokens


Our First Ever

We are very proud to announce the 1st ever completely Token Mayhem token creation, Pack Rat. Featuring the amazing art by @SteveRaffle and token frame by @TheProxyGuy


Professionally printed on Poker sized card stock. Fronts feature the Calvin and Hobbes Duplicator spitting out our happy rats while the accountant upticks the power and toughness under the watchful eyes of the Ratcatcher. Backs show off the Z Factory logo.

The tokens fit, extremely snugly, into perfect fit sleeves, though it's not recommended. They fit all gaming sleeves tested perfectly.

Pic is for illustrative use only.


Available in sets of 3 for $5 per set to the US and $6 per set to Canada. Unfortunately if you're reading this outside of the US and Canada, shipping is going to be more. Contact me with your location for a quote.

Purchasing Info

Payment is PayPal only, via invoicing. Orders are placed via this webform: https://svucards.wufoo.com/forms/pack-rack-token-order-form/

Friday, October 25, 2013

HeavyMeta 50th Episode Limited Edition Tokens


Celebration Time

If you're reading this, you know why you're here. Matty, Kevy, and Ferret have reached their milestone 50th episode of HeavyMeta. And what better way to celebrate then with some custom tokens by Z?

How Limited is Limited?

Very. 12 sets initial run, with a max of 24 if the demand is there. Each set contains the 3 host tokens, featuring foil fronts and non-foil backs with the exclusive 50th episode designs.

Remember when you'd get an old school foil and there'd be a line where the foil sheet changed? The currently available foil is a lot like that. Some cards might have two lines. This is out of my control.


$15 a set, $16 a set to Canada. I tried to get the costing as close as possible, and yes, this includes shipping. Unfortunately if you're reading this outside of the US and Canada, shipping is going to be more. Contact me with your location for a quote.

Purchasing Info

Payment is PayPal only, via invoicing. Orders are placed via email, zeerbe@gmail.com Please include your complete shipping address and PayPal account email so I can send the invoice. Once the payment clears, the cards ship.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Announcing: Derf Series 1

Update: Only 1 foil left. 

That right, the amazing Dave Lee, @derfington on Twitter, has teamed up with Z to release his first personal token. The Phelddagrff Angel.

First foil run is small, due to scarcity of materials. On the fence? Grab the foils first. I have no idea when i'll get them back in stock. Non-foils order to your hearts content.

 Matty is so much better than this than I am!

Available in foil and non-foil Unlike the HeavyMeta tokens, the foils are sporting a non-foil back.

Foils run $7 a piece and non-foil at $5. A lot for a token? Perhaps, but unlike the big sites that can outsource token manufacturing to printing houses, I am a one-man operation. Design, print, construction. All in-house. A 100% hand-made item.

Tell you what, let's sweeten the pot. While supplies of the foil Angel token are available, you can get the following:

Angel token in foil, and 2 HeavyMeta tokens, one of each host, in foil, for $15.

Remember that the HM boys are foil both sides.

Shipping is $1.00 US and $2.00 Canada. Other International destinations we can discuss when you place an order.

Ordering can be done by dropping me an email zeerbe@gmail.com

Monday, March 4, 2013

Welcome to The Factory

You are currently on the factory floor. Piles of discarded cards lie about, destined to rot away in your local landfill.

Well, that used to be the case. No more. I turn those cards into tokens.

Not just any tokens, premium custom tokens. Including foil custom tokens. The limit is your imagination.

We are proud to be the home for the ManaDeprived podcast premium HeavyMeta tokens. You can find info here: http://tokenmayhem.blogspot.com/p/heavy-meta-tokens.html

But that's far from the only option we offer. TokenMayhem is your home for custom spinner tokens. Fully customize-able for your specific needs.

Work we've done in the past include:

Fully custom foil spinner token. Stunning to handle, custom to your needs.

User submitted art for his own personal custom foil token.Below is the photo
he took when they arrived.

I can do any type of token you may need, and will assist with custom designs.

Have a 'cast of your own and want to be able to offer custom tokens to your listeners or maybe your Twitter followers as premium give-aways?

Looking to have custom tokens made, but you don't need 1000?

Contact me at zeerbe@gmail.com for pricing and hosting options.